Thursday, November 6, 2008

Strategies for a Post-Free Market Capitalism World

On 17 September 2008, I declared in The Huffington Post that "Capitalism Is Dead". I then went on to write about what we can do now... because the death of an old way of doing things opens the door to developing - and learning how to use - a new way. My declaration was picked up by The Week and led to my being interviewed on Fox Business News Live.

Trimtab Management Systems offers proactive strategies for living in a post-free market capitalism world. These strategies are based on the developmental principles of Systems Thinking, which give an organization the capacity to operate based on what is true today rather than what was true yesterday but is now obsolete.

Steve Brant, the Founder & Principal of Trimtab Managment Systems, continuously researches the fields of sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, and the status of the global socio-political economic system... to understand where the line between yesterday and today's truths resides... and to find those leverage points that will enable humanity to achieve the breakthroughs needed to achieve the often stated goal of global peace and prosperity for all.

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