Thursday, November 6, 2008

Strategies for a Post-Free Market Capitalism World

On 17 September 2008, I declared in The Huffington Post that "Capitalism Is Dead". I then went on to write about what we can do now... because the death of an old way of doing things opens the door to developing - and learning how to use - a new way. My declaration was picked up by The Week and led to my being interviewed on Fox Business News Live.

Trimtab Management Systems offers proactive strategies for living in a post-free market capitalism world. These strategies are based on the developmental principles of Systems Thinking, which give an organization the capacity to operate based on what is true today rather than what was true yesterday but is now obsolete.

Steve Brant, the Founder & Principal of Trimtab Managment Systems, continuously researches the fields of sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, and the status of the global socio-political economic system... to understand where the line between yesterday and today's truths resides... and to find those leverage points that will enable humanity to achieve the breakthroughs needed to achieve the often stated goal of global peace and prosperity for all.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Innovation-Driven CSR Brand Building Services

Innovation-Driven CSR Brand Building: Using the power of innovation - combined with the transformational insights of the social systems sciences - Trimtab Management Systems will help you create a huge breakthrough in the CSR dimension of your brand. The key: understanding the CSR movement from a whole systems perspective.

There is a CSR dimension that reaches beyond industry or "element" global transformation leadership. This is the future of CSR Brand Building. And access to - and formulating a leadership role within - this new dimension is the service offered by Trimtab Management Systems.

Beyond leading the charge to end such problems as corruption, unfair labor practices, and unsustainable manufacturing methods lies the real, concrete opportunity to transform the global system from its currently unsustainable form to one that is designed - from the ground up - to produce global prosperity for all.

You have to "think differently" to see this opportunity clearly. But once you do, the interdependent nature of all the world's separate CSR and sustainability efforts comes into focus...and the true power we now have to make our global system work becomes undeniable. As Victor Hugo said, "Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come".

Trimtab Management Systems will help your organization develop both external communication strategies and internal policies that - by using the power of interdependent thinking - will take your CSR efforts to a entirely new level. From satisfying your customers' and other stakeholders' demands to delighting them with CSR results they did not know they could have, your organization will be known as a CSR leader working to create "the next great transformation"...a transformation that the CSR movement has finally realized needs to happen.

To inspire you to feel the power and importance of being willing to "think differently", I offer you this classic commercial from many years ago...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Vision, Mission, Values, and Methods

The Vision of Trimtab Management Systems is of a world of global prosperity for all; a world in which those problems that can be solved ARE solved and in which a "designer's mentality" is applied to the quest to solve those problems that appear to be unsolvable; a world in which our leaders know that - while stopping bad things from happening is critically important - it is also critically important that we start making good new things happen as well.

The Mission of Trimtab Management Systems is to consult with business, non-profit, and governmental leaders to transform the business - "civil society" - political system into an innovation-driven force for change that is backed by an informed and educated public which constantly demands that its leaders give it the better world that it knows is technologically possible.

The Values at the foundation of Trimtab Management Systems are those championed by the UN Global Compact, the Buckminster Fuller Institute, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, and the Rocky Mountain Institute.

The Methods used by Trimtab Management Systems come from the management sciences developed by legendary management theorists
W. Edwards Deming and Russell L. Ackoff. Drs. Deming and Ackoff both approach the "What do we do?" question as designers. They know that all designs - including those that are essentially "human social systems" are capable of being improved. They also know that human beings - because of the creativity they bring to any challenge - are an asset, not a cost to be minimized.

Trimtab Management Systems champions the creative human capacity to solve problems that appear unsolvable. Innovation - as featured in such business best sellers as Blue Ocean Strategy - is the key to achieving the sustainable future we all say we want. Where innovation and creativity are blocked, Trimtab Management Systems will highlight the nature of what is in the way and work to eliminate those barriers.

Historian and educator, James Burke, described this "new vs. old beliefs-based challenge" brilliantly in his landmark television series The Day the Universe Changed. Here is the beginning of the first episode of that landmark series. Mr. Burke makes this point within the first three minutes of this episode.